Castello delle Serre

Cortona and Arezzo

From Castello delle Serre, one of the closest and most famous Tuscan hill top towns is Cortona. Simply take the main motorway in the direction of the A1 and PERUGIA. Do not get off the motorway until you see the sign that says only CORTONA. It is best to drive through Camucia, which is lower Cortona. After driving through Camucia, proceed up the hill to Cortona. We suggest parking in the large gravel lot on the right side of the road as you approach the village. From there you can take the mobile stairs to the top of Piazza Garibaldi. Once in Piazza Garibaldi, all the scenic walk through the park is to the right and the town center is to the left. While in the town center enjoy the magnificent art galleries, fine leather and cashmere shops, or nibble on some quality Tuscan snacks at the fun local bars and enotecas. Once you reach the Teatro Signorelli, we do not suggest you walk any farther up, unless you are an expert at hiking. Every Saturday morning Cortona has a fabulous Farmers Market, but Cortona is really most often enjoyed in the later afternoon.

Arezzo is about thirty minutes from Castello delle Serre. Take the main motorway direction A1/ PERUGIA, exit at Rigomagno/Lucignano, drive through Lucignano and follow for Arezzo. The pay parking area called Prieti is the most convenient as there are mobile stairs that take you to the historic center. Known for being the birth place of Piero della Francesca, having Italy’s finest Antique Fair (the first Sunday of every month), and for being the filming location for the internationally awarded movie “Life is Beautiful”, Arezzo is a small city for Italians. Much of Italy’s gold design and production has fueled Arezzo’s local economy, as a consequence the city never steered itself to be a major tourist destination. The benefit to the visitor is a taste of real Tuscan life. Enjoy the Renaissance masterpieces in the historic center’s churches, locals shopping, superb antiques and a social scene around the main streets for all age groups. If you wish to visit Arezzo along with Cortona, we suggest that first you go to Arezzo.