Castello delle Serre

Special Wine Partnership

Special Wine Partnership

De Ricci Winery and Castello delle Serre

Bring a Taste of Tuscany to your home

Greetings from Antonio at Castello Delle Serre. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for the first time in 16 years we have not been able to welcome guests to the Castello. We miss you all dearly and truly appreciate your letters and emails you’ve sent checking in on us.

Needless to say the tourism industry has ceased to be, not only here in Italy, but on a global level. At first, we set out to “hunker down” and ride out the storm however, things have developed further than we could have imagined previously. Now in our community that is made up almost entirely of small family run businesses, we are all working together to develop ways to support one another.

When guest come to Castello Delle Serre, most use us as a base to visit wineries in Montepulciano, Chianti and Montalcino. One of the most regular aspects of our work here is sending visitors to wineries that offer a quality product . Most importantly, we love offering a unique experience that will make our guests enthusiastic about our recommendations. It is the experience that has always kept our guests coming back years after year.

A few nights ago, I reached out to our dear friend Enrico at De’Ricci winery in Montepulciano to see how his family was doing. I’ve also had some friends requesting information from me about shipping wines to the USA, so it was a dual purpose call. Both Enrico and myself spoke of the high probability that this year, no visitors will arrive. Enrico being the genuine and collaborative individual that he is, suggested to me, “Antonio why don’t you help me bring Tuscany to your Castello guests? What better way to do that than with some Tuscan wines that they all love?”

Before I proceed, let me give you little background on De Ricci and their history with us for those of you that may not be familiar with the story.

In the months leading to our grand opening in 2004, my father and I would drive around the entire province of Siena to all of the sites we felt necessary that our guests visit. Because this was before navigation devices and smartphones, on my notepad I would sketch maps, noting landmarks to give our guest a sense of direction. On these maps we wrote, where to park, what monuments to visit, where to eat and where to taste wine. Some of you still have your hand drawn maps and bring them back to show us. After our personal visit, we realized that the De’Ricci cellars and winery was a monumental “must-do” while in Montepulciano. Since the time we opened until now, one of the days here is always suggested as “Montepulciano and Pienza loop,” including a stop at the famous cellars of De’Ricci.

Back then, the wine experience was nothing like it is today. We actually only sent people there to admire the historic cellars as a cultural site. The cellars are a massive support system that essentially hold up the Ricci palace above. Additionally, they are some of the most beautiful in all of Italy and adeptly named “The Cathedral of Wine”.

Fortunately for the wine tasting experience, Enrico and his wife Antonella took over the historic cellar in 2012. For those of you who have been there, you know first hand the genuine hospitality with which you have been greeted. We have personally escorted guests on our Castello Delle Serre tours that we run in the spring and fall to have exquisite wine pairing lunches in the historic cellars. Even our very first wine producer dinner at Castello Delle Serre was with the De’Ricci winery and was a memorable event for all.

Feeling limited in the capacity to produce the wines they truly desired, the family acquired a modern wine making facility in 2017. Since then all their wine production has taken place there, leading to a massive leap in the quality of the De’Ricci wines. Hats off to them! I have toured the facility numerous times and everything is top of the line. From oak fermentation tanks to all new oak barrels for the aging of the wines, to pesticide free farming, Enrico and family have done everything possible to elevate the quality of their brand.

In an effort to keep small family businesses like Enrico’s alive, we wish to provide you the possibility to acquire these wines. Perhaps you cannot come in person to Tuscany, but Tuscany can come to you. A portion of the proceeds will also be directed to us here at Castello Delle Serre, so that we too can “keep the lights on” until your next visit. Enrico and I both agreed, the product is good and the price is right. For those of you who know us personally, you know we could never lead you astray.
We look forward to hosting you again and sharing with you everything we feel is genuine and offers value to your holiday experience and memories.

All our best,
Antonio and the Castello Family

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