Castello delle Serre


Only two minutes out of Castello delle Serre, one will take the motorway in the direction of Siena. After twenty minutes this motorway actually ends directly into Siena city center, however we suggest taking the Tangenziale in the direction of Firenze. From the Siena Ovest exit, one can reach easy parking around the Fortezza Medicea or the church of San Domenico. From the west side of Siena, visitors have the easiest walk into the city center and can view most sites along this path.

See the holy relics of Saint Catherine at San Domenico. Visit the Piazza del Campo, a square that is not square and features one the the tallest bell towers of Italy. Marvel at the centuries of devotion it took to build one of Italy’s finest cathedrals, works featured here have been created by Michelangelo, Pisano, Donatello and Bernini.

Siena offers the visitor with a voyage back in time, to the Medieval Ages, when Siena was at the hight of its cultural, civil and financial supremacy until Florence conquered it once and for all.