Castello delle Serre

San Gimignano

If you are coming to Castello delle Serre from Florence it might be a good idea to stop and visit San Gimignano on the way. The same can be said if you are on your way to Florence and have the time. San Gimignano is famous for its tall towers. Called the “Medieval Manhattan of Tuscany” it is easy to admire the skyline of the town and see the remaining thirteen towers make an imposing statement of the grand past of this small village.

At one point there where as many as 72 towers, some as high as 70 meters. Historically the area became very wealthy because if its saffron industry that created a much desired and costly red dye. Some historians believe that the towers, where nothing more that a competition between rival families of who could have the tallest, while others sustain that the always expanding heights where a response to the necessity of drying longer and larger pieces of the saffron stained fabrics. Visitors can still purchase saffron here, but the town is full of beautiful ceramic shops, art galleries, carved olive wood objects and some of the best gelato in Italy. If you have had a bit too much red wine, try the famous white wine called Vernaccia di San Gimignano