Castello delle Serre


Located between Montepulciano and Montalcino, Pienza can be visited on its own or with one the the previous towns.

In 1996 the town of Pienza was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site and in 2004 the entire Val D’Orcia was added to the UNESCO World Cultural Landscapes. This is the area where almost every picture perfect image of Tuscany is photographed. Gentle rolling hills, covered with either wheat, poppies or sunflowers, depending on the time of year make for breath taking views.

Previously named Corsignano, Pope Pius II, made it his personal mission to transform his little farming village into the perfect example of Renaissance town planing. Working closely with the architect Bernanrdo Rossellino, the town transformed into complete pure Tuscan Renaissance and the name was changed to Pienza, latin of city of PIUS. Architecture affectionados will admire the Duomo and the Papal Palace, alone with the City Hall Building.

Today Pienza is perhaps even more known for its Pecorino, a pungent cheese made from sheep’s milk. This chess is either fresh, semi-aged or fine-aged and rubbed on the outside with every imaginable coating. Shop keeps will be happy to let you sample it, but just remember to let them handle the wheels of cheese!