Castello delle Serre


The region of Umbria is only about a 30 minute drive from Castello delle Serre. Assisi is perhaps one of the most famous of Umbria’s picturesque towns. Although Assisi dates back to the Roman times, it is Saint Francis that has made Assisi well known to through out the world. In a the Cathedral of Saint Francis visitors can admire the frescos of Giotto, considered the father of the Renaissance and teacher of Michelangelo. On the lower level of the cathedral is the actual tomb of Francis and his closest disciples. The main square of the town showcases a magnificent Roman temple, later turned into a church.

While Umbria is abundant with mysticism and spiritually, it is just as rich in history, fine food and art. Other towns like Perugia, Spolletto, Todi, and Deruta are famous for just about everything from fine chocolate, cured meats, truffles and beautifully decorated traditional Italian ceramics.